National Stop Snoring Week 24-29th April 2017

Biological Dentistry

Barry has recently been working with Dr. Ulrich Volz in Switzerland who is world renowned for practising BIOLOGIC DENTISTRY. His philosophy is to use only biological materials and to remove NICO’s (neuralgia inducing cavitational osteonecrosis) and CAVITATION’S (cavities within the jaw bone). Dr. Volz has placed over 12,000 ceramic dental implants.  

The Real Facts About Gum Disease

The Real Facts About Gum Disease Anyone can be affected by gum disease (periodontitis) at some point in their lives and as it is usually painless, it can be hard to detect! Gum disease involves the inflammation of the gums and then infection. Possible causes are; Genetics Medications Poor oral health Hormone imbalance Smoking Llness […]