Holistic Dentistry

An holistic approach across our practice

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holistic portaraitThe holistic dental community is diverse in its practices, beliefs and approaches. At Lonsdale Dental Practice we feel it is important to behave holistically when treating all of our patients – not just ‘holistically-minded’ individuals.

Our dentistry emphasises the patient’s dental health in the context of the entire physical and emotional health. As such we practice dentistry with an understanding of science, biology and human physiology with an appreciation that the oral environment is part of a whole structure which can have effects and be affected by the rest of the body.

We believe strongly in evidence-based dentistry and adopt a common sense approach with a belief that “you do unto others what you would do to yourself “ to serve patient best interest.

Many of our treatments are based with our holistic philosophy in mind. Our caring team aim to preserve your natural teeth and support a healthy smile using state-of-the-art technologies in dentistry in a comfortable, healthy, healing environment.

Our approach involves:

• Minimally invasive procedures
• Safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings
• Digital xrays with 90% less radiation than tradition x-rays using our CBCT 3D scanner
• Metal-free restorations available on Fillings, Crowns. Inlays, Onlays and Bridges
• Plasma rich Growth Factor for faster healing time with reduced chance of post-operative sensitivity
• A child-friendly atmosphere
• Nutrition advice related to dentistry
• Working with other health practitioners and dental specialists to assure optimal health and recovery for our patients.
• Discreet in-ear innovations to help jaw-related pain (TMJ)
• Studies and support aids for Obstructive Sleep Disorder (OSA)
• Multiple sedation and relaxation techniques to minimise fear and discomfort
• Friendly anaesthetic administration techniques
• Gentle gum protection methods
• Detailed visual oral cancer screening
• Air polishing procedures using the Original Piezon® method
• Surgery disinfectant and water-line treatment system Dentiguard

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