Jaw Joint Problems

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Do you suffer from headaches, grind your teeth, have limited opening of your jaw and experience pain when chewing?

Jaw joint problems affect about 40% of people at some time in their life, common symptoms include;

  • Pain – usually a dull ache in and around the ear, cheek bone or neck, headache – especially in the morning.
  • Jaw joint clicking – this may make a sound and you may feel a cracking, grating, crunching or popping sensation.
  • Jaw locking – either open or closed – being unable to open your mouth properly.

jaw joint problems

jaw joint problems

Watch this video by Cerezen to hear more about the causes, symptoms and treatment of jaw joint problems or Temporomandibular Joint  Dysfunction (TMD).

For more information on TMD download this document.

Your Dentist Will Help!

Jaw joint problems are usually diagnosed and treated by your dentist. At Lonsdale Dental Practice we will investigate what is causing your problems through a thorough jaw examination and lifestyle assessment and advise which treatments may be best for you.

Treatment depends on the type of jaw joint problem you have. Usually we will be able to help relieve your symptoms with simple treatments such as;

  • Refraining from yawning too widely or choosing soft foods.
  • Jaw exercises to improve the way that the joint works and to strengthen the muscles surrounding it.
  • Counselling and relaxation therapy to help stress-induced TMJD
  • Painkillers, heat pad or ice to help ease the pain
  • Personalised mouth splint or mouth guard to prevent grinding in your sleep at night.
Revolutionary New Way To Treat Jaw Problems

There is a new way to treat jaw joint disorders with a clinically proven medical device that is a discreet set of custom-made, removable ear inserts worn day and night in the auditory canal. The inserts are painless and are proven to improve the effects of jaw problems; removing headaches, relaxing facial muscles, preventing tooth grinding – giving a more relaxed, youthful and pain-free patient.

cerezen ear plugs are used to treat jaw joint problems

 Lonsdale Dental practitioners will be happy to discuss the Cerezen device in-ear innovation with you. Give us a call today and be free from the discomfort and pain caused by jaw joint disorders.