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Juraj Kocis
Juraj Kocis
Senior Dentist
  • Name:

    Juraj Kocis

  • Qualifications:

    MUD Bratislava

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Juraj Kocis qualified from the faculty of medicine at the University of PJ Sarafik, Kosice, Slovakia in June 1998 and began practicing dentistry in a private hospital in Slovakia. In May 2001 he gained a Qualification Board Exam – Certificate in Dental Medicine and in April 2004 took a position as lecturer of stomatology, at the dental clinic in the Department of Prosthodontics Faculty of Medicine at the University of PJ Sarifik in Slovakia. Here he undertook lecturing, teaching and supervising medical students on practical dental treatments.

In February 2005 Dr Kocis moved to England and began to practice dentistry at the Croston Villa Dental Centre until he moved to Ashton Dental Practice in June 2006.

In February 2007 Dr Kocis travelled to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to attend a theoretical and practical course to acquire expert knowledge in the placement of Q implants and to date has placed over 100 implants.

In November 2007 at the International Partnership for Study of Occlusion he attended a course in occlusion and restorative dentistry.

Juraj Kocis speaks four languages and has completed a ‘Simply Endo’ course on endontics or root canal treatment.

The course has developed Mr Kocis’ skills and presented him with further experience in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of teeth whose pulp or nerve has been damaged or killed ( most commonly through decay or trauma).

The information that he has gained on the course, which include the use of the latest techniques, materials and after care, has given him a special interest in endodontics and he is able to provide our patients with effective root canal treatments without the need for a referral out of the practice.

Juraj is married with two young sons and a daughter and has recently moved house to be nearer to his place of work. He enjoys spending time with his family and mountain biking.