Kate Ogier-Smith - Dental Therapist, DHDT, GDC number 171284
Kate Ogier-Smith
Dental Therapist
  • Name:

    Kate Ogier-Smith

  • Practice:

    Ashton Dental Practice

  • Qualifications:

    Combined Diploma in Dental Therapy & Hygiene

  • GDC No:


Kate Ogier-Smith is a registered dental therapist. Dental Therapy covers the same areas as dental hygiene, but dental therapists are also able to carry out (under prescription from a dentist), direct restorations on permanent and primary teeth, carry out pulpotomies on primary teeth, extract primary teeth, place pre-formed crowns on primary teeth and plan the delivery of a patient’s care.

Kate graduated in 2008 from Liverpool University Dental Hospital with a combined in Diploma in dental hygiene and dental therapy.  Prior to this qualification she worked as a dental nurse in practice for five years which is where her passion for dentistry began.

Prior to this she completed a degree in fine art. She has a special interest in periodontology and is planning further development in this area.

In her spare time she enjoys drawing and painting portraits for her family and friends and likes to travel visiting new places.